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June 2013

Okay so, I got on to a gazillion messages about the tattoo. First of all. I must say I am calm about this. And I still believe in Ziam 100%, which is something I’ve also been asked about 10 times.

Here are my thoughts on this but they are really all over the place, sorry about that! :P

Edit: I forgot to add, that like I say in every situation, wait. Lets just see how this plays out. I have some thoughts below but honestly, just wait until the end of the summer, lets see what happens with Zerrie stunts/Ziam.

So bullet points:

  • I think the tattoo is Perrie. However, I don’t believe he got it out of ”love”. Even if I didn’t believe in Ziam, I would believe that Zerrie was an open relationship at its best.
  • I believe the tattoo is Perrie, and that it symbolizes something [or some things]. I need a better picture because there is a lot of detail on it, but a good point to start is here.
  • I don’t believe anyone forced him to do it. It was his choice. Tattoos are the last outlet the boys have and we know mgmt can’t control those. However Sam in her brilliant analysis here, raises the point that he might have chosen that over an engagement (as in, he told his mgmt that he’d get a tat for her so they would agree to drop the engagement). To be honest I think that after this, we are gonna get an engagement too, even if it’s just gonna be speculation and articles without any real confirmation, but time will tell, yeah?
  • Again, like Sam said, I believe the tattoo has negative connotations. Even if you don’t believe in Ziam, now is the time to remember everything fishy that has happened with Zerrie (the tattoo from tweetdeck, for instance). Or the fact that he had a ten day break and he spent it in hiding instead of with her in America [I am now thinking we might get pictures saying he was in hiding but there with her, so be prepared].
  • As it says here, ”As for Liam, we’re told he didn’t have any work done and instead opted for a romantic stroll around town …. alone.” this is what hurts me the most. Liam chose to not stay there while Zayn got ”Perrie” tattooed on his arm. And it explains why Liam picked one of Louis’ tats as his fave a couple of days ago, and Zayn looked pissed [there were tweets about it]. I believe this tattoo is about symbolism, but still, I know Liam won’t feel very happy every time he looks at it, so, *hugs* I guess! <3
  • It is a huge ass tattoo, so idk if he actually has any plans to cover it when all this blows over, but to be honest I think he might leave it there. Zayn is a very complex and deep person. We don’t know the true meanings of many of his tats. I’m sure there must be some that remind him of things that hurt.
  • Zayn and Liam have a couple tattoo that looks like this. Pretty complex, ain’t it? Compare that to blatantly showing your ”girlfriend” on your arm. Also again, as Sam said in her analysis ”there’s also the superstition that if you ink your girlfriend’s face or name then it’s the death knell for the relationship. that you are dooming the relationship to failure” *coughs*.
  • Again, even if you don’t believe in Ziam, think about Zerrie, and all the things that have happened lately. The fact that they have barely spent any time together in all of 2013. Zayn got a huge tattoo showing her. Now, is it to profess his love, or is it symbolism? And again like Sam said ” she’s not smiling in it. what is she holding? why is it so geometric when his other tattoos have been more cartoonish, with this flowy feel? and why does the drawing he did of it include the bearding day date?”. I actually have no answer for the last one. It’s quite puzzling. Also idk why we got this drawing when the tattoo obviously comes from another, way more complex one.
  • There is a chance that, despite all the evidence Zerrie is a PR stunt, and Ziam are together, that Zayn is in fact in love with Perrie and wants to marry her and all that jazz. However, I am honestly typing this just to type it. I still believe in my sanity. I have never seen any evidence that Zayn is madly in love with Perrie. I have seen huge amounts of evidence that Zayn is madly in love with Liam. One blatant tattoo that could have many symbolic meanings is not going to convince me otherwise.
  • This appeared on my dash rn. I am going to disregard the fact that he is out in the sun and has no bandages on. However, in that picture from soundcheck, it doesn’t look like he has any tattoos there?!!? Wtf?!!? I am sure it is a real tattoo, like duh, so this puzzles me.

    Lets just let this speak for itself. By the way, Danny got ”hacked” again. Funny how his twitter has been a Ziam/Zerrie battleground lately and oh, what a coincidence, his tweets get deleted [btw I think he deletes them himself, first time it was mgmt posting them and him deleting them, now he got his message across and then ofc deleted it].

    It’s not a tattoo I like or approve of. It pains me because the thought of Zayn having inked on his skin someone that he doesn’t love, is very sad. And the thought of Liam having to see this all the time makes it worse. We already had some signs [the biggest one being the soundcheck moment] that Liam is sad about this. However I respect and support Zayn’s decision to have it. He knows best. And Liam and Zayn’s love is too strong to be ruined by something like this.

    In conclusion, I still believe 100% that Liam and Zayn are together and in love. I believe Zayn’s tattoo is of Perrie but it is a symbol [of his struggles? of having to hide his love for Liam by being with a girl? you name it]. I don’t believe he was forced to it by anyone. Unless Sam’s theory that he convinced mgmt to drop the engagement by getting a tattoo of her [which to him, symbolizes restraint and struggles but to them, equals dollar signs] is correct. Even if that is the case though I expect a lot of articles and speculation about it, even if they dropped the actual stunts [saved money too, smooth]. Again, the answer as to why Zayn would get a huge ass tattoo of a girl that he at least doesn’t like, is symbolism. And the fact that it can be covered or removed but I don’t think so. Zayn likes to mark himself and maybe it’s not always with things that are pleasant to him. Danny’s tweet should raise huge red flags for anyone who was quick to doubt, imo. When the world turns upside down, and Zayn starts looking at Perrie even with HALF the adoration he looks at Liam, call me. In any case this is a very sad situation, we already have signs that Liam doesn’t like this tattoo [duh, who would like that], and the circumstances that lead to it are just terrible. The fact that they have been put through such situations makes me want to cry. But I won’t. I’m still staying here and to anyone who asked, yes, I still fully believe in Ziam and when I woke up to find the tattoo, I was dumbfounded, however I didn’t doubt Ziam for a second.

    Like I said yesterday, I have studying to do and I did lots of it already this morning, but it’s also my birthday and I have some celebrating stuff to do :P Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I know this is all over the place, sorry :P

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